Use It or Lose It --Glitter--

12:30 PM

This whole new month of October I'm gonna be posting "Use It or Lose It" videos instead of the usual SAS ones..

..This week I'm gonna be using GLITTER to embellsih and create my cards..

I hope you enjoy..

---Happy October!---

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  1. Interesting techniques Spardha. I liked the one with the multicoloured glitter, looks kinda different :) Hey, did the glue peel off properly from the stamp?

  2. yeah totally.. bt it kinda may be a prob with stamps of very fine lines.. so its better to wash them off with water using a paintbrush as soon as ur done.. :)

  3. Wow! That's a lot of glitter! I love it but the cleanup is

  4. yup.. i totally agree wid u on dat! :)

  5. very pretty, i love the congratulations cards, very original!!


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