Catalouge Part-1..

4:59 PM

So here's part one of the craft catalogue..
You can see the previous post for instructions..

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  1. Hi Spardha, Thanks for the effort......I have a few you have to order atleast 6 of any item that you order? Will we get some discount on the prices mentioned in the catalog? Can we order the items which are not marked with a tick in the catalog?

  2. Hey Juhi!..
    1) You don't have to buy at least 6 items..
    2) There are no discounts for this catalog..
    3) You can contact her to order any unmarked item but that may take time as these are not available with her presently.. also, you can only order unavailable items for FISKARS.. not any other brand..

  3. Thanks a ton Spardha!!

  4. hey spardha...i was keen on buying a paper trimmer to get better polished cuts...i inquired the fiskars one costs about 3500...I just wanted to know if you use a trimmer and are the local ones good enough?

  5. hey rachana.. no i dun have any as yet.. but u know it all depends on the quality.. if the quality is gud.. then the life of it is also gonna b gud.. and even some of the local products are quite gud.. so if u are starting out with paper trimmers.. and u rly think that ur budget does not allow u to buy the fiskars one.. then i rly think u shud go for a local one..
    .. by the way.. do u get paper trimmers at local stores in mumbai?..

  6. Sanjay Sharma22 January, 2010

    God Bless you Spardha. Long into the wee hours have I burned the midnight oil scouring the Net for craft stuff I could buy in India. And here you are like Manna from heaven with this info. I've been so excited about the find that I haven't read all the tell me, is there some way I could get my hands on a bunch of catalogues to buy stuff off of. I am a graphic designer with a small yet popular design studio in Shillong - exactly other end of India W-E, and of late have been giving friends and fans around the world a ride on my craft work. If you could help me source stuff from Mumbai I want to pick up all I can get till I clean out the bank till!

  7. Hey Sanjay!... that is rly very sweet of u.. no worries.. v crafters are happy to help!.. u cn take a look on the catalogue part 2 that you can find if u click on the "craft stores" tab at the top.. there, i have mentioned the contact details for khushi arts.. also u cn log on to for some stuff.. if anything else, please mail me.. :)

  8. hey shraddha from where can i purchase these punchers looking forward for buying it

  9. hey!.. its spardha.. u cn buy these rom khushi arts(address in the next post).. also try


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