4:32 PM

I finally received the craft catalogue from Khushi Arts that I mentioned in this post!.. yay!..
Will be posting it soon.. but first i wanted to let you know of the following:-
1) I will be posting the catalogue pics and you can view them clearly by clicking on each pic. Do let me know if a pic is not clear so that I'm able to replace it.
2) The items checked/ticked on the catalogue are those which are available with her at the moment.
3) The supplier currently seals with Fiskars, so she can order anything from the brand for the cutomer.
4) Prices of some products are mentioned in the catalogue whereas its not for some other products, to know their prices please send me the product code along with its name and I'll let you know their prices in INR. Also, we need not worry about their prices in USD.
---Will catch up with you soon!---

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