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Since we have had enough of rains this season and are now approaching winters, I am starting to feel a bit of “summer missing” creeping into me. Which is why today I am going to share a décor mood board for everything that you need to bring the warm, sunny and beachy summers right into your living rooms and lock them in forever! (Maybe even throughout the winters)

Here's one of my works for your rain-spiration!

Let’s start with the colour tones, we go for some neutrals with a splash of aqua and turquoise and maybe hints of reds, yellows or greens. I would suggest going pastel with your colour scheme. The walls can be painted white, beige or even brown.
(you might want to steer clear of creams but those are worth a shot!)

I picked a few wall colours from the Asian Paints Colour Palette for the beach breeze scheme:
8259 Ice Grey
8299 Ice Age
L152 Cream Pie
0763 Iceland

You can add the pops, the splashes and a few hints of colours to your basic neutral furniture and walls and floors with soft furnishings such as rugs, wall hangings, cushions, throws, sheets, paintings and even with a number of lighting fixtures and decorative items such as vases, stones and sculptures.

So I imagine a Florida Styled living room when I make this colour scheme for homes as this is the one room that intends to give you and your guests a warm (and bright *wink wink*) welcome to your home. I have included the beach décor making the place look bright and breezy during the day and reminds me of a beautiful beach date set-up at night.

Products:- Couch (Pepperfry); Accent Chair (Pepperfry); Coffee Table (Pepperfry); Area Rug (FabFurnish); Throw Cushions (Amazon); Sofa Throw (Amazon);  Sheer Curtains (Amazon); Wall Art (Etsy); Lantern (Amazon); Indoor Fountain (Pepperfry); Pebbles (Amazon);

{You can click on the websites to go to the product pages }
Note - While going for something beach-y, remember to work your way with the textures. Try incorporating as many suitable materials in your design as you can. 
Go for something raw and natural (like ropes, petrified wood and jute) and add comfort with smooth and soft textures (cotton and wool).

This is all for now! Happy colours! :)

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