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10:27 PM


Yes, I know I disappeared again from the blogger network and no matter how crazy life goes I don't have any excuses for abandoning my blog. 

I was honestly contemplating to start a new interior design blog but hey, design is what design is. And my love for design hasn't changed. It has merely taken a new direction and no I have not completely stopped crafting. Just giving my time to pursue interior and graphic design too now *yay*!

So I have finally decided to add a few home decor posts on my blog inspired by my paper crafts.
As most of you know, I am an architect (yes, no longer a student *success kid*) and I freelance as an interior designer, I would like to start by making mood-boards and displaying fun and unique decor products we find here and need to pay attention to because they are oh-so-pretty!

Today, we have a million-gazillion websites based in India {yes, we are very talented!} selling beautiful furniture and home decor items. 

Here goes my first one.

One of my recent scrapbook album (fuller update later!) was the inspiration of the mood board.

Summer colours are in today, the light-toned bright shades of yellows, reds, blues and greens can make any space feel airy and huge!

Products: Green Jute Rug {Flipkart}; Grey Chevron Carpet Rug {Flipkart}; Accent Chair {FabFurnish}; Grey Throw {FabFurnish}; White Round Coffee Table {Flipkart}; Smile Quote Poster Print {Etsy}; Ocean Breeze Room Fragrance Oil {Fabfurnish}; Wood Stool {Flipkart}; Blue Ceramic Vase {Flipkart}; Grey Geometric Print Bedsheet {Flipkart}; Woodgrain Cushion Cover {Flipkart}; Floral Print Cushion {Fabfurnish};

Check out the details at the bottom of the board to find direct link to the products.

This is all for now!
Until next time :)

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