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Hello Crafters! :D

So as many of you know that I am in New York City for three months for my internship {training period} . Yes, it's AMAZING! And yes, it's expensive!

I was thinking of coming up with a series of posts for NYC Life on a budger { I will link it here once released!}
But before that, let's talk about my REAL experience and findings *winks*

Okay! So here's a list { and a little bit of information } about the craft stores I have visited in the city. I do have a few I am yet to review, I will be adding those to the list nevertheless.


 Fair Warning: Do NOT  go to this store unless you're willing to spend some money because, believe it or not my friend, it's GOING to happen!
This store is full of quirky gifts, stamps + stamp sets from companies like Hero Arts, stamp pads, stickers and an amazing line of patterned papers {loved the ones with map of the city!}. You need to take two rounds of the entire store before you finally decide to pay at the checkout counter, or you would have missed something because there is just so much to offer!

{image source - timeout.com}

There are a few locations in the city for the store {click here}. I went to the Spring Street one since it's the closest to work.
Discount - If you sign up on their mailing list on their website, you get a 10% off coupon :D

This is typically an art store {you get your canvas, papers, pens, brushes, paints and easels!} but they carry an awesome collection of stamps, paper packs, stationery and inks!
This place is a must-go for someone who won't mind LIVING in a craft store!

{image source - yelp.com}

They have over 5 stores in the city {click here}
Discount - Again, go to the website and sign up to receive a 10% off your entire purchase!

This is the CRAFT PARADISE! And I honestly truly with my entire heart MEAN it!
They have various sections for scrap-booking, card-making, wood work, art supplies, beads, yarn and pretty much everything!
They carry all brands starting from Studio G to Tim Holtz. You absolutely CANNOT miss this one if you are a true craft enthusiast in the city!

{image source - yelp.com}

I visited the one near Chelsea Market but they have a few in Manhattan and in Brooklyn {click here}
Discount - They have great on-going sales on their website, and a dedicated COUPONS section. And I think almost every time you make a purchase, you get a 25% off coupon on a select regularly-priced item.

Okay, it's not exactly a craft store. It's more of a stationery store but they do carry an amazing selection of washi tapes, quirky folders, pens, brushes and paints. And the best part, they are everywhere! I mean, if you are in the city, you probably will find a staples location walking distance from your place {trust me, I've moved twice!}

{image source - yelp.com}

Note - They also have a copy and print counter for easy prints :)
I think I have established that they have like a million outlets all over the city, click here to locate your nearest store.
Discount - They do have an online sign-up discount on their website. You can also go to the store and get a free membership card with which, you get perks like special discounted prices and added points.

Now a list of stored I haven't been to yet.

This is again a stationery store with a wide variety of note-cards and cards. They have amazing window decor {yes, I notice that}. And again, it's one of the stores you would not want to get out of.

{image source - yelp.com}

They have over 10 stores all over Manhattan {click here}
Discount - I don't think they have a major discount system, they do have special prices and offers on their website though.

This place is really good for trims, laces, buttons, tassles and ribbons. They have a HUGE collection of those!
{image source - yelp.com}

They only have one store in the city, but it's conveniently located and accessible from everywwhere, click here for location.
Discount - They have a clearance section on their website, don't think they carry any more discount.

This is a cute paper store  with beautiful cards and note-cards, stickers, stamps, washi tapes, albums, envelopoes, funky boxes and pens, They also offer laser-cutting and letter-press services.

{image source - yelp.com}

They have a store located Downtown, click here.
Discount - They do not offer discounts.

That's it for now.

What's new on design front?
I a giving my blog a make-over :D
New logo, new design and everything else!
I have also collaborated with a friend of mine, Karan, to create Graphic Art Prints for the New York City Series :)

Please find them here.

--- Happy Crafting!---

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  1. Well, enjoy your time in NYC! There's so much to see and experience. Hit as many museums as you can while you are there...inspiration galore.


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