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Are you a crafter? An entrepreneur? Do you like to "create" as a hobby and are looking for an online platform to sell your products?

Well, Kraftly.com is one of the options for you to explore. 

Since I started designing graphics, I have been exploring various online sales platforms and Kraftly.com is one where The Lazy Owl Designs set up it's store. 

What is it?
It is an online e-commerce website for unique handmade products.

{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

It has over 1500 sellers and over 5000 unique handmade products. 
You can really find some great handmade soaps, candles, etc here. Unique items for gifting someone or buying them for yourself!

How many monthly sales can you make?
Okay, so I have recently set up my store on the website (last week!) and thus I am not sure of this aspect and shall be updating it along the way.
But I do know that as much as your sales depend on the website's own marketing strategy { which is great by the way}. You need to market your products on social media as well and it really works!

How to set-up your online store on Kraftly.com?
It is fairly easy to open your online store here. A few benefits for sellers here:
- Easy to use seller interface.
- They help you ship the products, so saves you the hassle.
- Low commission rates, meaning more profits for you.
- COD option available for your products.

You can open your online store follow these easy steps:
1) Go to Kraftly.com and on their homepage, click on the "Sell" button.

{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

2) Sign up using your Google or Facebook account. Or add in your details and click on "Start Selling".

{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

3) Click on "My Shop" button from the left navigation bar. Fill up your shop details, add your shop logo and banner. The interface is similar to that of Etsy.

{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

4) To add products, click on "Add Products" under "Manage Products" option on the left navigation bar.
{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

5) Add your product details, category, shipping and payment options and product images. Click on "Add Product" when done.
{Image Source - www.kraftly.com}

6) Add as many products as you wish {a minimum of 20 products for a new store is recommended.} 

You can share your product links on social media platforms { Instagram, Facebook, even Whatsapp} and expand your followers.

Hope it helps you figure out your way to making a kick-ass online store for your unique products!
Check out my store here.
--- Until next time! ---

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