Puzzle Creations..

1:12 AM

As you know, I'm getting my crafty stuff organized. And to do that, I have to follow the rule:
I actually had a box full of old puzzle pieces... so I thought, lets take up the challenge!
So this is what I came up with:

I made this long card using 4 puzzle pieces arranged together in order and stuck them using double-sided foam tape.

I just love this frame. I actually "renovated" an old plastic frame which I didn't use for a long time.
Materials Required:
1) Puzzle pieces
2) Old story book
3) Fevicol 'Glue n Gloss' or any glaze
1) Wipe the pieces clen with a damp paper towel and stick them on ages of an old storybook (I used "Famous Five"!) .
2) Flatten the pieces using a ruler (plastic one works great!) on the reverse side.
3) Apply the glaze and let it dry.
4)Stick the pieces in order or "unorder" and decorate!

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