Organized Craft Space!

12:38 PM

Finally!!.. I have totally organized my stuff!... for now at least! ;)
Warning: The following pic may scare u!



Some highlights:

The box of these YUMMY chocolates..


Its has all the loveliest sequins!

This is the corner stand which was stuffed with stuff earlier..

I used a box to keep my glitter bottles as I needed another "floor" to keep things..

Beside Mr. Cartoon Pencil Sharpener are my stamp pads.. And the corner is taken up by a my marker holder I made some time ago..

I hanged my stencils, tags, 3D tube box and paper clips on two pretty hooks..

My alpha stencil and my cutting mat is safely kept in a magazine holder..
YAY!... now I think m gonna have to make some amazing creations!
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  1. Wow Spardha, I love your organized workspace......esp the way you hung your stencils......if you think your "before" picture is scary, you should check out my room while I am working on a project, the whole room from the bed, the floor to my work table is strewn with stuff :P !!


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