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My portfolio is ready!!
If you guys didn't know.. i was trying my hand at selling my cards and a friend of mine, Juhi told me to make a portfolio of the best of my cards.

So here it is!!
I decided to divide them into categories:-
1) Acetate card
2) Pull-up Pop-up card
3) Folded card
4) Maze book
5) Wallet card
Okay so all the cards one by one:

This is a card I made from a very easy folding technique which I might be teaching on my blog later. In case u didn't notice, this card style is the same as the one I made for my mom's b'day and entered it into a challege.
You have already seen this card in my earlier post. Actually this is a maze book made from just one sheet of paper. I just cudn't help putting it in!

I made this really simple, easy and elegant card within half an hour. Most of thetime i took was to think of the perfect layout. The card base is yummy chocolate-chip and i think pink and white compliment the colour very well! The flowers i made were from Kristina's video.

I just love this card! This is a pull-up pop-up card I learnt from Jennifer McGuire's video and have used it ina couple of challenges. I didn't have any idea of the central embellishment so I punched out holes in the circle and it worked great!!

This is the acetate card you've already seen. I just love the colour combination here. Red goes with lavender pretty well!

I made this sympathy card for a challenge and just wanted to throw it in!

I almost forgot this card!.. I made this wallet card with very subtle colour combination... I also have a video tutorial for this card.

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  1. wow, awesome portfolio Spardha, I'm you'll find many takers for these..All the Best!

  2. all ur cards have a neat finish Spardha :-D good luck with ur sales! btw, what does ur name mean :)

  3. Thanks!.. my name means competition.. :D


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