A little heads-UP! *wink*

10:07 AM

Heyiii Guysss! :D 
Yup!.. I'm alive! *wink* 
I DID survive the first year of college!.. Yay architecture! 
My awesome two month so-totally-free summer break started on June 1st, 2012! :D 
Yea and I slept through the entire month, well almost! And today is the 27th!.. And that means tomorrow is my bday!.. YAY! 
Okay, news!.. Sis was busy this summer, with her internship and all and so, to celebrate my bday with her, I came tpo Singapore! :D 
Reached some time ago actually! :) 
This place is seriously amaazzingg! :D 
And I am sure I am going to have a lott of fun here! :D 
 And I promise you some crafty posts as soon as I'm back! 
--- Hugs! ---

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  1. Welcome back dear. I'm back to crafting too after a long time. See you around-Shilpa

  2. Thank You for the sweet comment on my blog
    Hope you are doing well

  3. Happy belated Birthday to you Spardha, glad you survived the first year:0)I hope you're still enjoying Singapore? I loved it there :0) xxx


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