{Update! }

2:26 PM

Greetings from Amritsar! :)
Now before you ask, I can tell you that I am great! :D
Amazing place { although its silence presents a sharp contrast to Delhi's hustle-bustle! *wink* }.. Amazing weather.. Sweet friends.. Awesome roomies and super fun life! :)
Since I don't have a lappy just as yet I am blogging from my phone { Thanks to the technology! }..
And since I have been super duper busy I have not been able to post any of my projects that I desperately want to share!..
Also, I am soo sorry that I have been unable to visit any of your blogs the entire past week, I promise to run off to a cyber cafe the minute I find time! :)
And that is all for now!
See you in the blogland soon! :D
--- Hugs! ---

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  1. glad you are doing well and settling too... can you mail me your postal address (new one) so I can send your birthday card... i know i am a lazy ass :P

  2. Hey, good luck with everything Spardha! Now is the time! Enjoy life :-)

  3. Yaayyy.. Good going.. Glad your having fun in Amritsar.. And thanks heavens for mobile technology.. :-).. u tk care girly...!!


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