Look What I Made!! :D

12:52 PM

I am super duper excited to share with you something I made, all by myself! :D
And I LOVE it! :)
I got super inspired after reading this post.. { Check out her blog, she is AMAZING! }.. And since I din't have much to do and I did have a lot of cloth pieces kept neatly in a cloth bag { *LOL* } and of course, had to ask mum for the bigger green cloth, I started onto MISSION RUFFLES! *wink*

Oh!.. And this project is done all by myself, WITHOUT any parental help.. YAY!.. And it was my first time on the sewing machine by myself! :D { I am soo proud of me right now! }
But guess what, these many ruffles are still not enough for me! I want to make another pillow cover { BTW its not a stuffed pillow but a pillow cover, so double YAY! } with all its front filled with ruffles.. hehe

Also, I want to share a few RAKs with you!.. I keep on forgetting! { oopsies! }
And both of these were sent to me by two of my best-est crafty buddies! :D

This one was sent to me by Karuna dee { She has an awesome craft store by the way, but I guess everyone knows that by now! *wink* } on Friendships' Day. Thank you soo much dee!.. You are soo awesome and I have been soo lucky to have met you! :D <3

And this one I got before leaving for Amritsar, from Khushboo dee { PSST!.. Something coming your way! :) }.. This is one of the sweetest BEST OF LUCK cards { by the fun-est crafter } I ever got!.. Thank you soo much! :D
--- Happy Crafting! ---

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  1. you did sooo much stitching all on your own?? Really.. Proud of you.. My talents with the needle is not to worth mentioning also.. Dreaded the stupid SUPW period when we had to do stitching...But this is great work.. your mum's gonna be proud of you...Good work...!! I am the fun-est crafter... yayy I like that... * hugs *

  2. Hi Spardha, WOW how beautiful is that cushion,, clever you:0) lovely cards too lucky girl:0) Hope you're enjoying your course? And having fun too! Gay xxx

  3. ohh wow....you made a cushion! love the ruffles! oh I miss stitching, used to do that on my mum's sewing machine before I got married :)

  4. wow,..girl it looks fab.I wanted some ribbons like this,will look grt in cards i guess,pls send it some my way,lolz:))
    Super duper awesome:)

  5. Just seeing Khush card I knew it was hers she is starting to have a distinctive style! Congrats on your sewing adventure-- I dont enjoy sewing so I can understand your elation!

  6. wow spardie !!its super awsome !!i had also been stitching till i got married since i'm a fashion designer ...but lost d patience after having kids....too much of running around i guess ;)

  7. i am so proud of you lerki! Brilliant job with the stitching and ruffles esp as this is your first time! Super duper fab!

  8. Fabulous stuff girlie - u are getting better and better :)

  9. Are you sure you didn't cheat...this doesn't look like your first attempt..totally professional look...super duper awesome...as soon as I buy a new house..you're doing all the pillows for me!! :D LOL!!!

  10. Your creative work is superb with single ribbon, in third card. Marvelous work that is. And the bottom last card those texture is perfect with the colourful layers.

  11. You did so much stitching around pillow. A perfect texture and gorgeous work you finish with that ribbon. Superb and fabulous work.


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