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Today I am writing this totally unique post.. I liked the topic and thought I should give it a shot! ;)
Do you think your gadgets reflect your personality??
I mean we buy a gadget and we DO personalize it to make it look funky, fab or just suit our own taste.. and with the choice of skins, covers and even charms available today its a pretty easy job.

A nerd might probably cover his laptop with a simple plaid design or a cute scenery with a garden and a river flowing whereas a popular school diva would totally bedazzle her gadgets!

And the best part is, if ever it goes out of style.. we can just as easily chuck it or replace it with a better and a "cuter" version of the skins. After all, who likes to be ante diluvian? *wink*
And its not only how we personalize our gadgets but also what we personalize that reflects our taste.
One can be a total gadget junky with the top-most and the latest cell phone in hands or one can be happy and content with a Nokia 3320 even in this fastest generation.. It all depends on the need!

One of the reasons of my fascination for the topic is that I, myself, am a true decor junkie!.. hehe.. I LOVE to experiment with new cell phone charms and skins { though I am quite lazy to switch the covers or even replace the BADLY SCRATCHED screen guard! }. Even I have tried loads and loads of cell phone charms { ranges from simple necklace pendants to mum-made crochet flowers } and themes and am still thinking of a new one just for my bday!.. hehe
And this is one of the reasons for my LOVE for the new DELL Inspiron.. :D

Oh, and when we talk about gadgets and electronics, how can we forget about the Silhouette SDs and the heat guns.. these are the gadgets WE CRAFTERS use almost everyday! *wink*
Have YOU ever gone crazy with change??
Thanks for reading!.. I'll be back with another crafty post soon!
--- Hugs! ---
Image: Courtesy - Google Images

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  1. how tru! gadgets rule our lives and for me my craft gadgets are my life!

  2. So you gave me an idea for the perfect gift for you...what are your favorite colors? Will make a charm for you and send across!! what say??


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