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I LOVE this word! :D
I upcycled a frame and made it into something 3-D for the current ICR challenge!..
This is the first time I am participating in the ICR challenge and I am soo happy! :)

Supplies: CS - golden; Embellishments - stickers, glitter balls: Pie Lane; Others: Gold embossing powder

I was super inspired by the photo provided and used the bright colours for the frame! :)

The roses are hand-made and I heat embossed them with gold embossing powder.. I don't think I got a very neat finish.. :|

And since it was all blingy.. how could I NOT use any Pie Lane stuff??.. *wink*.. I used their super pretty silver border stickers, flourish stickers, butterfly and the glitter balls! :D

And another update.. MY SISTER IS COMING TODAY!.. she should have been here by now actually but the stupid flight got delayed!.. I really hate it when that happens!
I guess I'll clean up the room to spend the time.. and also her wardrobe.. Well, if she's not here then she's not using it.. and I may need some exrta space sometiemes.. hehe.. But I guess its best that I take all my stuff out from there! ;)
--- Hugs! ---

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  1. Anonymous22 May, 2011

    wow!! super.. just love ur ideas wid each project i see.. amazing!!

  2. Thats very well made. The gold rose is looking good!!

  3. nice work...lovin' those blooms!

  4. Wow! Love your gold frame and those embossed roses! And those little details just add to the allure of the piece!

  5. your roses really look dhin chak the frame is lovely.

  6. gorgeous! love the roses. I like the grungy look, even if you didnt mean for that to happen. I think they look extremely stunning.

  7. its awesome... love the roses too much..

  8. how could you go so cool on everything you make,i am amazed by your creativity

  9. Super duper flowers. Coincidentally just today I was thinking of using a new golden spray paint on some roses but was reluctant in the end thinking how golden roses would look.Your golden roses are so gorgeous!

  10. Those flowers are very yummilicious & love the upclycling..... :) Thanks for playing the ICRC3..... :)


  11. Hi Spardha, gorgeous flowers here, yes quick get out of your sisters wardrobe, she'll notice, LOL :0) xxx

  12. I love those roses!!! Thanks for taking time to vote for me :)
    You are a gem !!

  13. Hi Spardha, thank you for visiting my blog! Yes anybody can participate in the sketches.

    You've a pretty blog!

  14. U have done a great work...wonderful

  15. This is sooo pretty!!! I'm loving the pie lane stuff.. & yeah, better clean up your sis' wardrobe.. :D

  16. Very pretty indeed!!! neat or not, those handmade blooms are GORGEOUS!! love that you heat embossed it with gold embossing powder..very nice! :)


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