My Creations for a Cause..

5:01 PM

I have made these bookmarks to be taught to underprivilaged girls..

Tie up the jute string after three turns in a knot.

Paste the buttons in a group.


Cut up horizontal strips of the some scrap papers.

Paste them on the bookmark.


Take some scrap papers and paste them and tear them by hand. Paste them on the bookmark for making two hills and cut the excess from the sides. I have used an old storybook paper as well.

Hand-cut a tree from green and brown papers and paste them on the hills. Embellish it with tiny hand-cut red paper triangles.

Bookmark -4

Take some scrap papers.

Hand-cut some rough circles. You need not be precise.

Crunch them up in your hands and them open them up.

Paste them the smaller circle over the bigger ones. Hand-cut a leaf and paste it on the bookmark making a stem using a marker.

How to tie the string for a bookmark:

Make a loop from the string.

Insert it from the back of the bookmark and pull from the front.

Put your fingers in the loop from front and hold the ends of the strings.

Pull them and bring them out of the loop.

Pull them to tighten.

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  1. Great work... good cause! All the best.


  2. These are cool! Kudos on giving back to society gal! :)

  3. Thanks so much Smita, Shalini and Yyam!! :D


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