A challenge and a tutorial..

7:30 PM

Pink paper; letter stickers; orange striped paper; black paper; copper eyelets; golden lace ribbon; metallic flowers-itsy bitsy;

This week's One Stop Craft Challenge was
Gifts - Bags or images

.. It's been a loong time since I last made a Gift Bag.. but that was a complicated one.. with template and all..
I love how it turned out!..
So here's a simple and easy tutorial:

1) Take a box of the size of the bag you want to make and cut the paper down to it's size.

2) Score half an inch from the end..

3) Wrap the sheet around the box and pinch the folds..

4) Score the folds for a crisp edge..

5) Fold the base..

6) Fold the bag from the sides..

7) Punch two holes one each side of the bag under the scored line (scored line is to hide the eyelet!)

8) Set the eyelets..

9) Fold the scored line and paste it on the bag, Poke the holes..

10) Decorate and voila!

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  1. awesome.... nice and simple and easy.... i'm gonna try it this week....

  2. thanks nikita and divya! :)

  3. lovely, and thanks for the tutorial, will try it as soon as i get back to bangalore....

  4. thanks juhi!.. didn't no ur nt in bangalore.. so u in delhi kya?! ;)


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