SAS --Floral Card--

12:18 AM

Finally!... back to Scrap Away Sundays after such a loong loong time.. okay... overly-exaggerated... two weeks! ;)

This week I got some lovely gift wrap paper from Archies Gallery.. I loved it just so much..
My apologies (again!) for my "sumtimes" poppin-in-between head!..

And I have finally created my own "watermark" for my pics..

..So m off to study.. exam on tuesday.. a big cyber hug to you all!..
---Happy Crafting!---

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  1. What a clever little card Spardha! Very pretty. And all your stuff seems to be so organised, wow! Mine's always in a perpetual mess :)

  2. Thanks Divya.. You wanna know a secret?.. i did that for my videos too!.. otherwise u won't even be able to see my card in the mess! ;)

  3. Really pretty Spardha! I really love the colors you chose...classic that butterfly!

    All the best for your exams!

  4. beautiful cards..i wish I could them like you..Thanks for visiting my blog, so that I could reach this fantastic blog of yours!!!

  5. very elegant card :) all da best fr yr exams...

  6. hi,
    all the cards are too good.
    keep it up

  7. Hey... dat sequins box luks yummy... wheres it from?

  8. @ sowmya.s: thanks so much.. dats very sweet of u!.. and srsly.. i LOVE ur blog.. its just amazing!

    @kalalayaa-paintings: thanks :D

    @shalini: thank u!.. nd dat box is a cheap buy from sadar bazaar.. got it for just 25 bucks! ;)

  9. wow!!! u mean the box wid the sequins? dats a Loot;)

  10. nopes darling.. dats my dream.. bt just da box! :D

  11. pretty pretty pretty, i love how all the colors blend together.....


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