1:03 PM

It has been time since I made this card.. and I liked it soo much that it went straight to my postfolio..

I think its the first time that i made the card pre-cutting the patterned papers for the top and I got the EXACT measurement!..
P.S. i posted a few of it's close ups for the SAS vids intro post.. bt the vid didn't go quite well :)
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  1. another pretty card, I love the edging and the pretty flower(did u make it by putting together 3 hearts?)

  2. thanks!.. hehe.. yeah.. u caught me, my mooost observant frnd! :)

  3. Hey..
    You are very talented. Loved all your cards.
    I wonder where you get all the material from. I am a beginner and i have no clue about where to look for embellishments and stamp pads in Delhi.
    It would be of great help if you could guide me regarding the same.


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