New Stamps!

8:54 PM

Heya All!.. long time no bloggin!... was quite busy nd missed ya loadz!
So I had two new stamps some time ago!...I rly rly wanted to show them to ya all but I thot they woudnt luk quite attractive (wich I think dey are!) without some crafty cards! So here I go!
This soo awesomely detailed stamp luks rly cool on cards!

I stamped da flower on the card and then on seperate peices of white paper, coloured them using colour pencils and cut dem out. I added dimensionals later!

And this is a curly-doodly background stamp which i rly love!

Here is the card I made!
I stamped it on the envelope as well and also included some gemstones..

I stamped on the card (same stamp!) using pearl metallic silver paint from fevicryl... It gave a cool luk when stamped incompletely. And as the greeting suggests... dere are loads n loads of fabric flowers I used!

P.S. I used pearl metallic copper paint to colour the *BIG* flower. It air-dried rly quick!... Uh-oh...nd I am postin a lotta stuff 2gether as a lott was collected nd few was posted!

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  1. Really loved these stamps.... I wanted to know how do you change inks on them.... Kehne ka mathlab how do we reuse them....maintain them....?


  2. Hey Ash!.. u dont need to change the colours.. u just use different ink pads!:D


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