Make Your Own Craft Tools #2 <--- Scoring Tool--->

9:14 PM

So its not always possible to afford high quality and expensive (and cool!) craft tools... so lets make our own! You must be throwing away many empty pens (or maybe storin for that one day when u find its use!)... this can be your very own cheap (or free!) paper scoring tool. Just take a used n empty pen and a ruler nd score away!

Another tip!... there must be many plastic trays which come outta chips n cookie packs..

Well, this can be the best storage item for ur pens, pencils and markers!

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  1. A tool is a equipment that can be used to reach a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. I am Really impressed by your outstanding post on here! thanks.
    Craft Tools

  2. I used to score my card paper with a butter knife. I think your idea of using an empty ball point pen and ruler is simply so good. Thanks for sharing.


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