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Paperazzi StorePaperazzi Store

Today I bring to you a great craft store called PAPERAZZI...It has its chains all over the place and carries a lott of amazing craft supplies. In Delhi, its difficult for one to find the craft supplies one need easily. This was actually my conditio before I did some research and found out THE best places to find such stuff.
Handmade CardsGift Boxes

Gift bags3D Stickers

Okay, so now I was roaming around in Janpath when we went to eat momos... and to my surprise I found exactly what I was looking should know...I'm a LITTLE bit crazy about the craft supplies...and this store was loaded with them.
I did some cool shopping here...and it was amazing!!
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  1. very nice blog and very inspirational pls visit me too at


    website dosent exist..

  3. Dear Sir/Madam.,

    Can you please suggest me where can i get GLORIA brand double crepe paper in INDIA.,

    Thanks In advance

  4. What a cool store for gifts for birthdays


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