Happy Birthday Teacher..

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Happy Valentine's Day

Here's the time for another card...but for this one, you have to hear a little something about me:
I took Karate classes for five years...and I'm a black-belt in karate!..(pretty cool huh?)...So now I had a birthday coming up of (one of my) fave teachers...my karate sir or sensei!!
So I made a birthday card for him which kind of consisted a karate theme!!

Happy Birthday Teacher

Materials required:-
1) Black Cardstock
2) White Paper
3) Black Paper
4) White Ribbon (thin)
5) Silver Eyelets (2)
5) Silver gemstone (10-15)
6) Silver brad (or stud) (small)
7) White glitter paper
8) Flower stencil
9) Black flower (small)
10) Funky stamp (any shape will work!)
11) Black stamp pad
11) Metallic square embellishment (or a photo corner)
12) Black marker (thin tip)

1) Fold the black cardstock in half. Cut small white sheet which fits onto the black cardstock. Cut the black paper smaller than the white sheet.
2) Stamp the white sheet with funky stamps with the help of the black stamp pad.
3) Paste the black sheet on the white sheet with adhesive.
4) Punch two holes and fix two eyelets on the sheets.
5) Write "Happy Birthday" and "Teacher" using the black marker on the white sheet of paper. Paste it on the black paper and cut out the black paper making a border for the white sheet and your sentiments.
6) Cut out the white glitter sheet using the stencil int6o the shape of a flower. Place the small black fower onto it and fix them using the brad (or stud). Paste the sentiments and he flower on the black and white sheet.
7) Make a border for the flower by sticking the gemstones to outline it.
8) Use the dimensionals or the foam tape to adhere the sheet on the cardstock.
9) Write some entiments on a white shete of paper and adhere it on the inner sides of the card.
Happy Birthday Teacher Happy Birthday Teacher

---Enjoy your day!!---

---Celebrate your love and all the happy moments your life gave you! :D---

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