Feb ATCs and a vid!..

7:49 AM

Okay, so the two ATCs this tym were lots of experiments:

The first one was inspired by a card I saw on hero arts blog.. all the hearties are hand-cut!(proud of myself! :))
The heart is again hand-cut and I used the crackle medium WITHOUT paint to c if it cracks!.. turns out "No!".. bt its gives quite a gud finish!
The alphas were inked black and then I used Fevicryl "Glue n Gloss" on these and let it dry partially, if you place a plastic canvas over it when its almost dry, you get a VERY gud texture.. but i was stupid enough not to let it dry :).. but still... all's well

One of our best friends had a birthday so we made a video mix of all the birthday messages from us for her.. but that video was quite personal so I uploaded the vid mix we made for the end!.. I made it!! ;)
---Happy Weekend!---

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  1. bith the ATC's are amaizng... but i particularly liked the 1st one... :)

  2. Lovely work Spardha, keep it up dear.

  3. I love all the handcut hearts! And the sweet colours! :)

  4. pretty cute cards:))love the hearts.

  5. Nice ones...

    Like the charm on the second card.. what kind of corner rounder you have???

    Hey I brought some new patterned paper from hobby ideas..its 12x12, will put up the pics tomm..and if you like any, I'll send you 6x6, since I'm planning to cut and store it in that size. I saw some stamps there, but useless ones..all leaf designs..so didnt' buy any..and that place has become pricy..20 bucks for a reg PP and 35 for glitter PP. me thinks of buying from IB next..

    i got so enthu, went and brought CS, glue and the works, poor hubby was scratching his head

  6. Thanks a million for your wonderful comments!

  7. Lovely cards Spardha!! Love the hand cut hearts and the colors!!

  8. Very nice craft work. Please check out my site for more suggestions on birthday wishes.


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