1:30 PM

Here are some of the stuff I "altered"..
I loove this baby card.. but it was just a li'l worn out and untidy.. so i gave it a lift!..
Remember this Thanks card?!.. looong loong back.. but I had no envelope so I made a co-ordinating one for that too..
Just one little question.. when you make these envelopes, so u use a circle punch or a stencil with craft knife?..
---Happy Crafting!---

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  1. Cute baby card.. the soft blue is perfect for tht theme. The thread usage is looking damn good.

  2. I loved the baby card.... Very cute & babish.... I loved the way u stringed it & the scattered flowers around, like the heavens are all blessing the baby, with showers of flowers..... Beautiful!


  3. pretty cards Spardha, I love the baby blue....for the envelopes I usually draw and cut the circles by hand :(

  4. Love your altered art! ;-) And your border punches...

  5. cute alterations..... i generally hand cut such semi circles.... :)


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