Vintage Invite..

3:09 PM

The Boards are around the corner and now its time for us 11thies to bid a farewell to all our seniors..

So I made this invite for all the teachers(yep!.. one card for all of'em! ;))..

Its a liiitle bit smaller than half of an A3 sized cardstock (hehe.. loads of
calculations!).. tried my hand at vitage this time and i think the imperfect stamping totally contribtes to its shabby lukey!..

I was also supposed to write my name and sign on the card(my pleasure! :D).. yay!.. got to use my fave bar code stamp!! :D
---Happy Crafting!---

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  1. wow, love the vintage look and all the details, esp the bar code stamp :)

  2. This is a lovely invitation. I love the bold colours on white! Great stamping!

  3. be !!
    loved the flowers

  4. Lovely!! Only after reading your post did I realise how really young you are!! :-) I am almost feeling like an oldie now (goes with your 'vintage' card :-) )


  5. lovely colours spardha,love the flowers.

  6. Oh I love the flowers! Beautiful!

  7. Hi ya, i saw a tutorial in you tube to make these flowers.but i dont what type of paper should be used exactly.can u tell me?

  8. Those flowers are fab and those little butterflies so cute!

  9. hey kavitha!.. I suggest u use some thinch sheet so it does nt get torn when u crinckle up da flowers.. i used thich coloured cardstock.. :)

  10. even me to surprised to know that how young you are. lovely flowers . i m taking inspiration from your kinda crafty ppl. i am expecting baby so spending my time to explore and learn card making and scarpbooking . will you plz let me now from where in india i can buy some gud quality stamps and designs . i m from bangalore. thanks for the info regarding pucnhes

  11. Hi Spardha. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm fixin' your link right now and will double check all the others as well.

    I love this card! The flowers you made are beautiful!

  12. Thanks soo much for all ur comments.. nd Sneha, u cn visit hobby ideas for the stamps.. bt if u cnt find any specific designs or u cnt buy them online.. then i suggest u get them made.. :)


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