Client's Order and ATCs

1:29 AM

Here's one of my completed orders. The lady was making a scrapbook for her Dad's Birthday and I was to decorate and make a few pages..

This is the cover of the scrapbook that I've made.

The following are a few pages that I decorated for her:

I also made soe of the scrapbooking pages for her:

I left the space in between to insert a photograph..

I also made this embellishment kit for her neice's birthday card which occurs on the day of Christmas..

Oh.. and in case your have not been informed of the new ATC (artist's trading card) blog.. click here to participate in the monthly swaps! :D
---Happy Day!---

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  1. dats nice... isn't she a photocopy of her Mom ;))
    nice work... guess she's had her way with you finally...

  2. this is great Spardha.... lovely work... :)

  3. wow good job!!i Like the one with something written on the picture the most...

  4. @Shalini- Thanks!.. hehe.. yeah! :)
    @Nikita- Thank you! :D
    @Juhi- Thanks loads! :D
    @Divya- Thanks so much!.. really appreciate it! :)

  5. This is certainly a lovely scrapbook. The recipient will definitely be pleased! You've been busy!


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