12:59 PM

I'm sorry guys.. no video this week..
.. my cold is quite bad and at first I thought I'll make a video but wl put music in the background cauze I didn't want you all to get disturbed by my coughing and sniffing..
.. But then I just coudn't make one as my mind is full of "stuff" right now.. *sniff*
I've got to do a whole lotta things, so I'm gonna make a list:
1) Organize my comp.
MS Office
DVD player (if u guys know any good free dvd players available, let me know..)
Videos (yup, these are the vids which are gonna substitute for my cyber absence next month during my exams..)
2) Make a card for my friend's b'day
3) Autoposts (..for the week.. at least it ensures regular posting!)
4) Update my blog list (gotta add a few interesing blogs.. so watch out for dat!)
4) Study.. Study.. Study..
.. Uh-oh!.. I forgot to tell you all an amazing news.. now you can buy scrapbooking products from other countries and pay in INR on ebay! :).. just visit:
---Happy Sunday!---

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  1. Poor thing! Drink lots of water and have a great rest! Take care!

  2. oh dats soo sweet of you.. thanks! :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better now...yeah I also saw that about paying in INR on ebay....
    All the best with your list.....i keep making lists...but am too bad at completing the tasks :)


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