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9:32 PM

Hi Guys!

How are you doing? 
I'm fine thanks for asking {I know you didn't ask *wink*}

So now after wiping myself out of the handmade world for a long long time, I'm slowly but steadily taking some time out each day to get back to crafting. It's going to take a while in order for me to get my schedule in place but working full-time made me realise that i was really missing my craft world. Also, being an architect simply added to my skill-set.

So I have been up and experimenting on Photoshop lately { graphic design }, making all sorts of different graphics. It started with me wanting to create a collage for my wall and the ideas simply started rolling in so I went with the flow!

So this minimalist graphic I created using flat colours. It was a sketch of mine that I turned into a graphic {because I knew it'll look better when digital - my sketching *sucks*}. It depicts emotionally abusive relationships in a simple graphic form. Made in on Photoshop {Maybe I can do tutorials later- no voice-over though!}

This is a set of a collage artwork that I made with a few of my photography I edited to make them black-and-white toned to go with the wall art. I really liked the raw dab-painted background effect back then!

 I made the bicycle poster as a set to go with my hot air balloon poster. I was trying my hand on sort-of "vintage" subjects turned into cool new-age posters. 

I also did sell them on my Etsy Store for a while!

Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to share a few of my gems *lol* with you guys!

--- Until next time! ---

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