{ Birthday Post }

4:48 PM

Greetings! :D
This post was supposed to be made on my HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. that was June 28th!..
I really didn't think I won't have even a bit of time that day..
But anyway, here's all the news! :D
This June I turned 18!.. so now I am FINALLY an adult!.. this little kid has now grown up!.. YAYAYAY!.. okay, maybe not! *wink*

So, I made this album for myself.. and its cover is very much self explanatory! :)
There are a lott of facts about me in this album that maybe I never shared before! :)

I used loads of my mum's hand-crocheted flowers and laces and loads of fussy cutting! :)

The quilled flowers were RAKs from A and K.. I cannot be so neat with quilling! :)

I used LOADS of Pie Lane products.. Their flower embellishment stickers are soo beautiful!

I also loved Pie Lane's cutie heart stickers!

And their lotus and butterfly stickers are soo gorgeous!!

The silver border stickers are again from Pie Lane.. yeah!.. I am a BIG fan! :D

The camera was a silhouette die-cut.. and the cutie rainbow is a cuttlebug die cute from dear R.. I used Pie Lane's rhinestone stickers.. silver one for the camera flash and the heart one just to personalize my camera! :D :D

The cute white doileys were from dearest S.. thank you! :D

I also used this super cute MSE stamp! :)

I used my very-old-buy-almost-never-used silk tape to hold the twine on the other end! :)

Also, my super super sweet blogger buddies sent me such cute stuff! :D
Karuna dee sent me the card early as she didn't want the wishes to be late!.. awww!.. thanku! :D

And Tejal dee, I am sure, has some magical understanding with the courier company.. she sent me this cutie card exactly on my birthday!.. :D

And look what she made for me!.. a super duper adorably cute cell phone charm!.. and its LAVENDER!.. its my favorite colour!.. thanku! :D

And super sweet Y made me two layouts!.. They are published on her blog { Layout 1, Layout 2 }.. big hug to you! :D
And a very very BIG thank you to all my crafty friends who wished me via sweet smses, mails, facebook and ICR! :D
And lastly, If you are an IndiBlogger member, then please vote for my post at IndiVine..
Phew!.. LONG POST! *wink!*
--- BIG Hugs! ---

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  1. this is super awesome! what better way to pamper yourself on your birthday :D

    Hope you had a great day!

  2. A very happy birthday to you indeed! :) Glad you treated yourself to this FAB album! Awesome stuff and looks very interesting too! :)

  3. Lovely and a happy 18th birthday! You can get your license now.

  4. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    Happy Birthday! Beautiful album and I am sure its going to be a well loved keepsake. Priya Venkat

  5. happy bday .. darling !
    love the LO

  6. Super fabbie album dear,b'day wishes again:).
    Love the cover page photograph,super cute:)

  7. wow...album is too good...wow lovely

  8. This is absolutely adorable.. ! Wish u a very happy bday n congrats on being an adult..lol :)

  9. Well.. This is the bestest gift you could have given yourself Sparsha.. Hope you had a great birthday... And fantastic work as usual...!!

  10. Wow...belated Happy Birthday dear...lovely scrapbook...very very talentend

  11. wow beautiful layout.. belated happy birthday dear...

  12. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! I hope you had loads of fun! The album is great, so many memories. This is going to bring a smile on your face when you get older.

  13. Hi Spardha, Happy Birthday, belated but sincere nonetheless:0) Gorgeous album you will treasure this for many years, you have been given some lovely gifts already, congratulations on reaching 18 and Good Luck for the future, Gay xxx

  14. belated happy birthday dear,i wonder can i ever be as creative as u..super lovely album

  15. Advanced Happy Birthday dear

  16. Wow!! u are inspiring :) never thot of making anything for my own baday :) will think bout it!! tha album is loubly!!

  17. Belated Birthday wishes dearest Spardha! I feel so bad for missing your birthday :( But I do hope you had a loads of fun on your BIG day! Wishing you loads of happiness, love, laughter and success! Lots of warm hugs from Aussie land...

  18. I love the way you gifted yourself an album...we make one for everyone, but ourselves!! good going girl...I'm so glad you liked the charm...

  19. Belated happy birthday ! So cool to do a mini about like that. And wow about your black belt skills

  20. What a great mini! Loads of great details! :)

  21. awesome mini album Spardha, love all those details!

  22. Gorgeous creation dear.

  23. hi
    a bleated happy birthday. hope u had loads of fun :). you scrap book is wonderful, it must have been lots of hard work :)

  24. Hit upon your blog for the first time and am happy that I did!..great album you have made here..totally loved the idea of having an album for yourself!..loved your card creations:)


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