Introducing... PIE LANE!

7:12 PM

Remember the BIG NEWS I talked about it this post?..
Well, I would like you all to meet another crafty brand based in India, Pie Lane (LOVE the name!)

Their products are AMAZING and their priced quite affordable.. :)
So, today I introduce you to their CHUNKY GLITTERS.. :D

These are soo pretty and YUMMY *wink* and they are available in a shade of white! (I have been trying to search for these since ages!)
I made this butterfly using their glitter..

..and a HOW-TO video! :D
oh.. and excuse my bright (awesome! *wink*) nail paint.. I was supporting India for the Cricket World Cup.. We WON btw!.. *YAY* :D

Watch on YouTube
NOTE: I am NOT a retailer for the brand, I am just their designer. So, please do not send me any orders regarding the product. For any further queries, I'd be happy to help! :)

You can contact PIE LANE at:

The Pie Lane Studio
Shop No. 12, Dorabjee Enclave
Salunkhe Vihar Road

Ph: 020-26838461


That is all for today.. See you soon! :D

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  1. wow this is just fab
    hey tel me whr r u based r u in pune?? if so i am actually comin to pune 4 d weekend n if u can tell me some good craft stores there it will b very helpful

  2. awesome, I know about Pie-lane products...I bought some stickers and embellishments sometime back. And I great job on the video. Do teach me a few tricks too on how to make a good video...I am no good at it. :)

  3. Hi Spardha, WOW that's a very beautiful butterfly, thanks for the inspirational video, lots of fun:0)
    I was at the NEC (exhibition centre) in Birmingham last weekend The Hobbycrafts show and I bought some of this gorgeous glitter, I bought the green and gold versions, absolutely delicious:0)
    Congrats on your designer status, brilliant:0) xxx

  4. Yummy indeed! Love the chunky glitter!

  5. Congrats Designer ;) lovely news!!

    PS: am running a blog candy :)

  6. What a video!! super super cute! Congrats on the new status!! Designer! so proud of you girlie!! Ah that butterfly is so pretty!! love it!!

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous butterfly! Love all that sparkle.

  8. Congrats Miss Designer ;-) Proud of you :)

    Love love love the glitter!! Fab video too...

    PS: And yay!! the match was breathtaking ;-)


  9. super super cool girlie! great Ujjwal I also dont have much clue about taking videos, mayb u should post a tut for that!

  10. Awesome work Spardha! I totally loved your video tutorial. :)
    Keep rocking!

  11. Your butterfly is gorgeous...!!

  12. i just started following your blog :D its really useful :D THANKYOU :)

  13. The butterfly is gorgeous!!! I loved the glitter.. But i can't watch the video.. it says not allowed in your country (I'm in Belgium) .. Can you fix that?

  14. And, BTW, the error message says the video contains content from SME, who has blocked the broadcast outside India.. SME is Sony Music Entertainment.. I am wondering how did that connect to a crafting video! :D

  15. I didn't even know Pie Lane was down the road from my parent's place. I must get to the shop when I visit Pune next.

  16. hey spardha... have seen ur work ...its really good... very creative... i myself is an architect and is really crazy about craft work...i am in delhi .... do u have any idea about craft stores in delhi.... where i can get punch craft tools and blocks... and is there any pie lane store in delhi or in ncr region.... do inform me... will be thankful... keep designing....keep up the good work...


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