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12:30 AM

Happy Independence Day!..
Okay I know it was yesterday (I am writing this post on 12:32am on Tuesday in context to Monday! ;) ).. but officially, my weekly tests got over today.. so Its MY independence day too! :)
I would love to warn you here that I am going to blabber a LOT here and you may feel like punching me! ;).. I have been working today as a total Zombie, sleep deprived!.. Was up till 5 am to study for the test and had to wake up again at 6:30.. :).. But I am soo happy that the day is finally over!
Okay, NOT EXACTLY NEW BUT NEWLY-INTENSED INTEREST --> SCRAPBOOKING!.. have been doing a LOT of that lately.. so many layouts coming up!..
You MOST PROBABLY know by now (but anyways I'm gonna say it! :)) that Shalini, Tejal, Smita and I are participating in the PWCO CHALLENGE.. with four days of daily challenge fun and winners chosen by voting.. so we need you! :)

Now FINALLY onto the card.. I had to send Rakhis (from me and my sis) to two of our brothers.. so OBVIOUSLY made the cards! :)

The Rakhis are threaded onto the card and tied inside..This was based on a CP sketch whose submission I obviously missed! ;)

And look what I received in my mil today!.. Karuna has sent me this beautiful card and an amazing book that I won in her blog giveaway.. Thanks a TONN! :)

Layouts coming up soon! :)

Oh!.. and almost forgot!.. My Flashback for AMY! :).. My very first card on the blog (its okay, you can laugh.. I did too!).. fancy frames and baad photography taken by my webcam(when I didn't have my very own digicam :(.. its hard to imagine my life without it now!)..


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  1. Pretty pretty blingy card...but love it..I was to make Rakhi cards too..don't have time now..and love the gold DP, I have the same in grey...

    That's a great book...seen it on Juhi's blog..would love to see what you do with it..I'm sure it will be fab..

    I'm gonna call you Ms. Owl now...Little miss Spardha seems outdated now!! hehehehe

  2. The idea of using the Rakhi as an embellie is ingenious!Great idea I must say!Love your card.. so wanna try it myself..

  3. You are one of your kind. If you posted all those cards amidst your tests then we know whats coming up now. I, ll vote for you heavily so do tell me what to do.

  4. I looooooooooooooove your rakhi cards. The golden embossed sheets are pretty!
    Enjoy the book. :-)
    And yes, Indie Stampers will rock (even with jittery Smita LOL)

  5. Lovely card from Karuna.. Loved your Rakhi card too!!

    First creations are always so cute :D

  6. Happy Independence Spardha! The Rakhi card is lovely....
    Your first is gorgeous, doesn't look like a first time card at all!!

    PS: Can't wait to see ur layouts

  7. Love the card - esp the colour combination.
    A Rakhi card in true sense :)
    Keep rocking!

  8. nice card and first card is goo too:))
    all the best for the challenge:))

  9. Really love the rakhi card...the gold paper really looks great with it...N the first card is pretty too...love the color combo

  10. Hey lovely Rakhi card Miss Owly dear.
    Like the card also which Karuna had sent u.
    How can u find a time for all these creative stuffs along with ur studies?Its really admirable.

  11. You poor girl...sleep deprived and still blogging...I Love it!

    Great card based on the CP sketch...love the shine and bling...fabbie RAK and the book...can't wait to see how it inspires you!

    Thanks soo much for playing along in my flashback friday challenge!!!! Your first card is GREAT...I'm amazed that you were able to photog it via a webcam...LOL...isn't it fun to look back and see what we've created? The funny thing is, most people have been complaining about their photography...we learn alot while we go through this blogging adventure...thanks so much for playing along!!!

  12. Love your first card. Kuddos to you for being clever enough to use your webcam. Your recent cards are very pretty too. I love all the bling.


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