Card Selling Quest #1

1:04 PM

So the selling isn't going quite well.. but who said it was an easy job?!..
I went to two Archies galleries to show my creations.. but bcause of some reasons, i didn't get a seller..
But showing off your creations always have some perks..
One of the stores went to, the shop owner was really sweet.. apart from all the praises and motivation... he gave me free patterned paper catalogues!!

He said those tiny bits of paper were of no use for him.. so I got it!..

I really thank him from the bottom of my heart..

And these sheets are just soo good!..

so although it didn't do me good.. but it wasn't bad either!

I also wanna reach out to all my cyber buddies.. any seller, please contact me! ;)
---Have a great day!---

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