Sunny Birthday Card

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Sunny Borthday Card

This bright sunny birthday card is sure to bring a smile on the face of the receiver!
Materials Required:-
1) Orange Cardstock
2) Yellow coloured paper
3) Orange coloured paper
4) Zig-Zag Scissors
5) Black Marker
6) Yellow Ribbon
7) Orange Ribbon
8) Small Metal Stud (or brad)
9) Big orange flower
10) Small yellow flower
11) Orange patterned paper
Fold the cardstock into half. Cut the yellow sheet of paper a bit smaller than the face of the card. Cut out five small squares and use marker to write “HAPPY” in bold. Stick it on the yellow paper and cut out the borders with the zig-zag scissors. Write “B’DAY” in cursive on the yellow paper and hand-cut it out.
Make a broad strip of paper by pasting small squares of plain orange and patterned orange paper on a sheet. Cut it out and paste it on the yellow sheet. Attach the silk flowers with the help of the stud (or brad) onto the sheet.
Stick “HAPPY” and “B’DAY” on the sheet with 3-D foam tape, giving it a 3-D effect. Stick the sheet on the face of the cardstock and tie the two different coloured ribbons on the card.

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