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Hey Crafters! :)
Okay I know I'm blogging after a LOONG time and apparently all my "autopost promises" are pretty much useless!
But today, I would like to introduce whoever's not been introduced to this product befoe.. BARE CONDUCTIVE PAINTS.
How would you like to have a paint tube of an electrically conductive paint along with your crackle paints, stickles and what not?
Okay a bit about this paint.
It's an electrically conductive paint. So, in place of all the wires and solderings, all you can do it PAINT the circuit, i mean literally paint it out and it'll work!
Their website:

Imagine what all you can do with it, make party invites that actually light up or play the music, make interactive scrapbook pages, make love themed card adding your own special love song.. and the possibilities are ENDLESS!

A few samples available on their website are of these:

Please watch this video for a better understanding of this product:-

Soo.. any crafter interested? *wink*

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. 
Good luck, and keep blogging! 
The IndiBlogger Team

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  1. wow.. something new. You've made me curious!

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