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So!.. I went to Mumbai for a very short trip! :)
Family function.. More on that on my personal blog {here} .

The first day I reached I had a LOONG list in my hand, listing all the craft stores in Mumbai! *LOL*

Yeah!.. I am THAT crazy!.. And I'm sure you'll understand! *wink*

But unfortunately, due to very limited time, I could only visit a two { Four Minutes 2 Four and Hobby Ideas} .

Four Minutes 2 Four was my FIRST EVER proper craft store that I visited!.. And I absolutely LOVED it!!
Here's their website : { or CLICK HERE }.

It feels sooo good to roam around a place all filled with awesome craft stuff! :D

And I am sooo lucky to have the sweetest parents in the whole wntire univers who soo sweetly waited watching the super-excited me jumping around and picking up stuff from various shelves and collecting them on the counter! :D
And to laugh after they saw my expression when I came to know how much I spent!

So, more about this store. They have ALL the imported brand!.. Awesome collection, which I am sure, never stays in the store for long! *wink*
And they DO deliver to various cities { including Delhi } :D

And the owner, Ruchi, is the sweetest person! :D

She showed me around her store, we chatted! It was FUN! :D

And here's a shot of my crafty stuff stuffed bag! :D

--- Hugs! ---

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  1. wow this store looks like a crafters all those papers, stickers and just about everything there....the collection is just gorgeous!!!

  2. Spardha just the kinda post I wanted to see as I am planning to go to Mumbai in dec and like you short of time... crawford market is out as I will be towing a 5 year old along with me..Do share your list of Mumbai craft supply stores

  3. This is so awesome..its so far from my place in mumbai that I haven't been able to see it...glad to see it through your crazy eyes,,and bag ke andar kya hai? bag ke andar? show show tell tell!!!
    ooh dying to see what you got!!

  4. Wowww! This is awesome...the stuff looks so yummy! Such stores are simply irresistible!

  5. Ooh...looks like a fabulous store! I'm sure you bought some cool stuff! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing about 4minsto4 shop.I´m not aware about this shop.I´m going to mumbai in january ....have to visit this now.I normally do shopping from crawford market and few shops from dadar.For handmade papers I go to Girgaon.

  7. Come on now, Spardha, let the cat/s out of the bag and show us what you got!

  8. Awesome stuff this place has!! Show us what you got from that place!!

  9. so glad you had a fun time shopping

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  11. Wow !What an awesome stuff u have!I am looking for such stuff since long time.I am from Pune but surely visit your store soon.



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