Happy 101!..

11:23 PM

I got this cute award from Yvvone.. thanks soo much for that! :D
The ten things that make me happy are:
1) Paper crafting!
2) Photography
3) Blogging..
4) Chocolates.. or actually, anything choclatey! :)
5) Friends!
6) Lazying around..
7) Flowers..
8) Surprises..
9) Festivals.. be it any, i just luv the decors!!
10) Not studying!.. which probably is the 1st thing i want considering i have exams from monday!

I would like to pass on this award to Shilpa, Divya, Archana, Shelly and Nikita
---Thanks for the love!---

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  1. Great list! I love chocolate too...especially dark chocolate! :)

  2. Well done Spardha :) & Thanks for passing it on! Keep crafting, keep smiling :)


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