Summer Fun For Scrapbookers!

1:08 AM

So I was getting bored in the summer vacations... the weather too hot to go out... nothing left to do at home...
Then I thought why not make myself a SUMMER JOURNAL which can keep all momentos and soveniers of mine for these summers!...So this is what i came out with:-

Ang guess what?!... this is entirely made of scraps!

So first of all you need to collect the scrap papers, cards, envelopes.. and the list goes on and on... you can even use small tea bags as pockets...

Then take the cover pages of your journo and mark a line leaving 0.5 cm at the edge...

Then start marking points on the line after 1 cm each...
NOTE:- The journal is hand bound!.. Although you can use the bind-it-all..

Put in place the sheets, strips, pockets and envelopes as you want them in your journo and temporarily stick them together sing masking tape.. so it won't bother you while you make holes for the wire..

Start punching out small holes (1/8" or smaller work fine..) taking the pencil marks as the centre of each hole..

Use the spiral wire which can be found in old calenders, notepads or you can buy it at a craft store..

It goes in pretty easily!...

And now all you have to do is DECORATE!
---Happy Summers!---

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